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12 Days of Making: Make a Cutting Board | Dec 9 & 10

947 Woodland Street | Nashville, TN 37206
Sat, Dec 09  10:00 am
Every chef, pro or otherwise at one point has owned one of those terrible plastic cutting boards and pined for one the wooden ones that they’ve seen on just about any cooking show on TV or the internet. They’re a great first project for anyone looking to get into woodworking...and the secret is, they’re not hard to make. This class will teach you the basics; which species of wood make good boards, how to cut the pieces you’ll need, techniques for glue up, and proper food safe finishing.

This is a two-day class. It meets 10AM-2PM on Saturday, Dec. 9 and 12PM-2PM on Sunday, Dec. 10.

Ages 18+ or teens accompanied by an adult.
With Maverick Edwards
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