8 Off 8th: Hosted by Isa + Jude

1 Cannery Row | Nashville, TN 37203
Mon, Aug 14  8:00 pm
Hadley Kennary:
Hadley Kennary is a singer-songwriter whose music is a folk/pop blend of heartfelt, clever lyrics and infectious melodies. Kennary, appropriately pronounced like the bird, started writing music when she was just 14. Now 23, she has graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music, independently released an EP and full-length album, and is gearing up for her next EP release. Her warm sound is refreshingly honest and contagiously catchy.

Kate Kelly:
Singer/songwriter, known for lyrics that touch a voice inside us all. Authentic and inventive, her songs take us on a ride that is as familiar as it is unchartered. With unique guitar styling and unconventional composition, her music will draw you in and continue to play in your mind, long after the performance ends.

Will Pellerin:
In September of 2015, Will Pellerin pulled in to the driveway of his new apartment in Hermitage, TN. With no job and everything he owned in the back of a 1999 Subaru Legacy, Will's musical journey was finally getting a start just 15 miles south-east of Nashville. As his father helped him unpack and before he left for the airport, he stated "Alright, now it's time for you to figure this out." Ever since that muggy Tennessee afternoon, that's exactly what Will has been trying to do. 

Hanna Rae:
Born in the Shenandoah Valley and raised on classic rock and roll, Hanna Rae began her musical journey before she can even recall. Her charming and compelling presence on the stage comes from years of performing both music and theater in her hometown of Staunton, Virginia. Like many in her craft, she packed up her bags and headed to Nashville, TN in 2011.
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