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Becca Richardson Album Release Show with Debutante, Natalie Royal and J.R. Wyatt

1604 8th Avenue South Basement | Nashville, TN 37203
Mon, Aug 14  9:00 pm
Becca Richardson:
Becca Richardson grew up in Mansfield, Ohio—an old railroad town situated amongst sprawling farmland and newly constructed subdivisions. Her passion for music was born the day her mother dug out an old Yamaha guitar and taught her a simple finger picked folk song. The instrument captivated Becca, and as soon as she mastered two chords, she wrote her first song. At the age of 14 (and every day since) Becca has been immersed in the creation and performance of her own style of music.

Debutante is an indie rock band from Nashville, TN that still believes in indie rock.

Natalie Royal:
Harbinger: One that presages or foreshadows what is to come. Harbinger is a perfect artistic statement of a young, modern Nashville songwriter at the inception of her career.

JR Wyatt:
J.R. Wyatt is a Folk/Americana/Rock musician based out of Nashville, TN. Born in the great state of Maine, he has been playing music his entire life, and at the age of 12, began writing songs. Now, at age 24, he has years of experience under his belt. He recently moved to Nashville to make music a full time priority. He is working on his first full length album entitled Staying Gold, which is due out in early 2016. In the meantime, Empty Room Sessions (an intimate recording project done in an empty room) and videos can be found in the music and video tabs.
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