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Blues Traveler: 30th Anniversary Tour

116 Fifth Avenue North | Nashville, TN 37219
Thu, Feb 15  8:00 pm
Jam stalwarts Blues Traveler will celebrate their 30th anniversary this fall. The band will play shows on both coasts and many cities in between over the course of the five-week run.

Blues Traveler kicks off the tour at Ridgefield Playhouse in Ridgefield, Connecticut on October 11. Up next is a swing down the East Coast including stops in Philadelphia, Silver Springs, Norfolk, Richmond, Raleigh, St. Petersburg and Ft. Lauderdale. Blues Traveler then plays a series of shows in Texas followed by visits to Tulsa, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and Boise. The tour concludes with a West Coast run that sees the band perform in Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Anaheim ahead of the tour-closer at the House Of Blues in San Diego on November 19.

Frontman John Popper stated, “Three decades… three decades and I am still surprised when we play and find some rich new musical vein to tap. Three decades and I cannot believe my luck with this band of brothers and this string we have run! Thirty years since a bunch of loud boys embarked on an adventure that took them around the world and made them a family that has not ceased growing to this day. Thirty years later and I am still so very grateful.”

Guitarist Chan Kinchla added, “The longer I do it the more I like it! I remember laying on my bed at 13 years old in Princeton, New Jersey. Spinning my precious LPs, dropping the needle back across a part over and over trying vainly to scribe some part of a Bowie record or a Clash record or a Pretenders record, maybe gazing at the back of the album jacket as side A played again and again. All I dreamed of was playing in a cool band with great musicians, in front of a bad ass crowd, creating a floating, bubbling, hissing group. Think rock show in the shiny lights. The fact that I’ve been able to be a part of exactly that for 30 years leaves me humbled and thankful and wanting more….much more!”- By Scott Bernstein
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