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CNC Router Fundamentals

947 Woodland Street | Nashville, TN 37206
Sun, Jan 14  12:00 pm
This class will teach the basic principles of CNC routing. Starting from a 3D model, students will learn how to turn that into a tool path (a plan for carving), how to set up the X-Carve CNC, and how to set the machine in motion. We will also cover how CNCing is different from and similar to 3D printing.

Also covered will be software recommendations and additional materials students will want to acquire based on the types of things they want to create.

Students will learn the general principles behind CNC routing.
Students will learn tool path generation from a 3D model, machine setup and use.
Students will work with MeshCam, Chilipeppr, and the X-Carve.
Students will make a whiteboard coaster with the Make Nashville logo.
We will also cover different types of end mills for the CNC and where to acquire them.

Ages 18+, or teens accompanied by an adult.
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