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Cocktails, Cannabis & Country

609 Lafayette St. | Nashville, TN 37203
Sat, Aug 12  9:00 pm
An evening of education on the emerging science and legal landscape of cannabis in Tennessee and beyond, followed by cocktails and music by “mmhmm” featuring Raelyn Nelson and Hannah Fairlight.

Speaker Cecily Friday Shamim:
Cecily Friday Shamim is the founder and Executive Director of the Tennessee Cannabis Coalition, a non-profit dedicated to educating lawmakers, medical professionals and the community about the therapeutic applications of cannabis, in addition to its impact on public health and safety.  In addition, she has been an activist involved in politics for the past 15 years. 
In 2016 she advised city council sponsors of the recent decriminalization ordinance in Nashville and assisted with efforts in pushing for decriminalization in Memphis.  She is currently a member of Americans for Safe Access, whose mission is to ensure safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research. 
Cecily holds a Bachelors of Science Degree from Belmont University and has a professional background in clinical psychiatric research among other fields.  In addition, she has trained as an organizer with Greg Galluzzo and Mary Gonzales with the Gamaliel Foundation. As a host and producer of her own show, covering national politics for Radio Free Nashville, she interviewed numerous high profile individuals in politics and journalism.

Raelyn Nelson:
As an aspiring female country artist in Nashville, history suggests that the quickest path to success is somehow aligning oneself with one of the major publishers, producers, songwriters, labels, or managers that are the heart of Music Row. So what do you do if you are an aspiring female country artist in Nashville, and also happen to be the granddaughter of musical icon, Willie Nelson?

You hook up with an independent producer and veteran of the rock/punk scene, write some songs that are part Loretta Lynn, part Cheap Trick, and form the Raelyn Nelson Band.

"I've been told by more than one person in the 'biz' that I'm stubborn like my grandpa. I kind of like that" -Raelyn Nelson.

Raelyn Nelson has been singing since she can remember. Having been raised on a steady diet of traditional country and gospel music, a gift from her grandpa in the form of a guitar during her teenage years was the inspiration she needed to begin writing her own country and folk songs.

Looking for a place to record these songs, a chance meeting through a mutual friend would provide the backdrop for the next step on her non-traditional career path.

Jonathan Bright (JB), veteran of the underground rock scene and independent producer recorded some of these early songs, and they decided to try to write some things together to see what happened.

The result? A completely fresh and original sound, a true hybrid and referred to by some critics as "the first installment of a brand new genre in music: Country/Garage Rock."
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