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1 Cannery Row | Nashville, TN 37203
Fri, May 19  8:30 pm
Me and My Brother
Schuyler, Carl and Sam all grew up in central Virginia and connected after all being fans of each others solo projects. individually, they are all accomplished songwriters/ recording artists/ performers and have all had their own individual successes. Carl and Schuyler both having released 2 solo records of their own and Sam having released numerous albums as a part of his americana rock band "sons of bill" (a band with his brothers Abe and James). in the fall of 2016, Sam, Carl and Schuyler embarked on a tour (dubbed "the restless hearts tour") as three solo artists sharing the evening. by the end of that tour, the three had become a band.  an undeniable musical chemistry and the deep friendships that were formed were not something any of them were ready to walk away they're not! we're all really excited for what's ahead for these 3 in 2017
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