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Dip Douse Paint Print Play: MX Fiber Reactive Dye

2305 12th Avenue South | Nashville, TN 37204
Sat, Jan 20  10:00 am
Here’s a versatile and vibrant dye process applicable to all sorts of creative endeavors – come explore the bright and brilliant colors of MX procion dyes on cotton fabrics! These are great for folks who want to create unique designs for quilting, sewing, and other craft projects, or to incorporate into mixed-media art-making. We’ll experiment with thickening the dyes for painting or screen-printing directly on fabric, as well as learn how to discharge areas of MX dye from our material. You’ll get a chance to mix up lots of colors and try various methods for mottled and ombre effects. This dye process is perfect for those who want to make clothing or other functional objects since it works well with muslin, canvas, velvet, and of course cotton! 

Those who complete this day-long workshop can return the following day for a half-day Open Studio with Lexie to continue the dyeing journey.
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