Eclipse: featuring Willie Shaw, Samuel Smiley, Lo, Michael McQuaid, and Petey Mac

1 Cannery Row | Nashville, TN 37203
Mon, Aug 14  8:00 pm
Willie Shaw:
Singer/songwriter in Nashville TN

Samuel Smiley:
An electrifying singer and performer. Some would say within a couple of seconds of hearing him that Michael Jackson was one of his greatest influences. His voice is very versatile and packs a punch of passion and diversity infused with such a smooth tone. In his singing he combines the perfect ingredients of pop, r&b, soul and rock in a way that makes him stand out amongst so many other greats.

Michael McQuaid:
A heartbreak kid rooted with a voice of pain and grit, Michael McQuaid is a Dallas native making a name for himself in Nashville. His sound infuses a clash of blues, soul and heart stopping beats to cultivate a new class of R&B. He deviates from his peers with his innate ability to harmonize the use of production and organic instruments.
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