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Father Mountain with Oak House and Casual Sects

2412 Gallatin Road | Nashville, TN 37115
Mon, Jan 15  8:00 pm
Father Mountain:
Father Mountain know a thing or two about words left unsaid. Hailing from Kentucky, the group has built a career over turning what should have been private conversations into deeply-moving sonic journeys woven together with voice and music. We are thrilled to share the latest of these creations, “Sobriety,” with you today through our exclusive world premiere. You can view visuals Father Mountain created for the song at the top of this post.

Oak House:
Oak House is a band built on deftly balanced juxtaposition — an experiment in the visceral and contemplative, the base and the beautiful. Rock music at it's core, the writing of frontman Gresham Cash expresses palpable tension — it's an investigation of life's inevitable conflicts. 

Casual Sects:
Casual Sects is a sovereign collection of dignitaries who have come to spread the gospel of washed out, burnout rock 'n roll with pop hooks. Fuzz up. Verb on. Tune in.
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