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GUMPTION: Business Conference For Makers, Artisans & Creative Entrepreneurs

230 Franklin Road Jamison Hall | Franklin, TN 37064
Sat, Mar 24  9:00 am
Since 2014, MADE SOUTH has interacted with more than 1500 makers & artisans. The number one kind of question we get asked is of the business nature. Things like "Should I be filing quarterly taxes?", "Is bookkeeping really important?", "When is the right time to incorporate?" and "What tools should I be using to grow my business?"

What we have found is that makers & artisans are generally creatives who are great at making wonderful products, but they face a specific set of challenges when it comes to the business side of things.

That's why we've created GUMPTION, a business conference focused on helping makers, artisans and other creative entrepreneurs become more successful business people.

Accounting & Bookkeeping
Digital/Social Media Marketing
Website/E-commerce Optimization
Payment Acceptance 101: What Every Growing Business Should Know
Using Facebook, Google, and Email Marketing To Increase Sales
How To Get Your Product Into Retailers
Lessons Learned From Successful Makers & Artisans
And More!
Fellow Wannadoers
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