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Jake Allen

626 A. Main Street | Nashville, TN 37206
Mon, Jan 15  8:00 pm
"Jake Allen, a 24 year old ethereal rock/fingerstyle guitar musician, originally hails from Northern Michigan. Since creating his first progressive keyboard compositions at age five, in his father's home studio, the evolution of Jake's sound has been many years in the making. By age eight Allen’s natural progression drew him to learning drums, bass guitar and finally at age twelve, acoustic and electric guitar. Just before fourteen, Jake Allen started creating his first full length album “Heart Consumer and the Artist” in which he performed and recorded in the studio every instrument himself. Pulling from years of experience working in his father’s studio, Jake was also able to mix and master this album on his own. This would be the formula for the next two albums in Allen’s career; “SleEP” (2009) and his most recent and critically acclaimed LP “Etherica”.

In 2008 Allen’s after being exposed to players like Andy McKee (whom he later shared the stage with) and Michael Hedges, Jake began crafting his own breed of acoustic guitar wizardry. On top of his two-handed percussive tapping style, he added live looping to create a more in-depth stage performance. This new solo approach gave Jake a powerful show that he then took on the road in 2009. Since then he has continued touring the country both solo and with his full band, gaining the recognition of some of the music industry’s most respected musicians, producers and musical instrument companies. Within the last year, Allen has been recruited by Gretsch Guitars, Takamine, and Dean Markley Strings to promote their products through performances and videos.
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