Kenny Foster with Jason Duke, Mae Estes and Quinn Loggins

618 4th Ave S | Nashville, TN 37210
Wed, Nov 15  6:00 pm
Kenny Foster:
Kenny Foster is a singer, songwriter, philosopher, and philanthropist from the Ozark hills of Missouri. Hailing from a long family-line that settled in the area just after the Civil War, he was the one that took up those deep roots and planted them in Nashville, TN to see what he could grow. After a childhood of singing in church and falling in love with his dad's record collection, Kenny started toying with a store-bought guitar and mashing up all of his favorite sounds and songs. His wide range of influences (including James Taylor, Garth Brooks, Counting Crows, and The Ozark Mountain Daredevils) all played their part in creating Kenny's authentic, soulful, rootsy sound.

Jason Duke:
Singer-songwriter Jason Duke, grew up listening to The Eagles, James Taylor, John Prine, Dan Fogelberg and Jackson Browne. When his high school athletics career ended, he fell into a group of musicians that changed the course of his life forever. After graduating high school, Jason, a native of Hendersonville, TN, enrolled at Middle Tennessee State University. It took 6 years, a change of major, a bout with cancer, and a rejection from songwriting class, but he earned his B.S. in Recording Industry Management. While in his 20’s, Jason got his feet wet in the music publishing world. His time spent as a creative director exposed him to catalog pitching around town. Slowly, steadily, and organically, he began to circle up with writers that he would want to sign as a publisher. An early champion, Michael Martin, placed Jason in the ASCAP GPS program in 2012.

Mae Estes:
Country artist from Nashville, TN.

Quinn Loggins:
Quinn Loggins is a second generation singer/songwriter. Son of Dave Loggins ("Please Come To Boston"), Quinn is set to make his mark as a force to be reckoned with in the music world. Quinn has had songs recorded by acts such as Kingbilly, Jake Nickolai, Little Texas, Lucy Diamond, Kal Hourd, Adam Brand, and Katie Armiger. He has written songs for the movie "Chances: The women of Magdalene" movie, and The Empty Bowls Project to help feed the hungry.
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