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Molding and Casting Workshop

2414 Highland Ave #102 | Nashville, TN 37212
Tue, Mar 13  7:00 pm
Join us to learn about molding and casting techniques to take your project to the next level. This simple prototyping method can be used to make replicas of parts, co-mold multiple materials together (rigid and soft), encapsulate electronics, convert 3D printed parts into different materials (e.g. translucent, elastomeric, fluorescent properties...) and more.

After this workshop, you will learn how to:
evaluate materials for molding and casting
weigh and mix polymers as well as add pigments.
get rid of bubbles by degassing in a vacuum chamber
pour a silicone mold -- of a Knobby Armored Starfish
pour an epoxy part -- you guessed it -- of the Knobby Armored Starfish
Lastly, after this workshop, you will be certified to use the molding and casting bench.

***Please note that participants do not need to complete Wond'ry Makespace Safety Training in order to participate in this workshop, but you will need to complete the safety course to use the equipment after the workshop.***
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