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Nature's Wisdom: An Outdoor Tranquility Workshop

440 Hogan Road | Nashville, TN 37220
Sat, Apr 07  10:00 am
In a culture where busyness, working late hours, and a baseline level of stress is the norm, it can be difficult to make an intentional effort to unwind. But did you know that nature itself has fundamental stress-relieving properties? Simply being surrounded by nature can have such effects as lowering blood pressure and heart rate, improving immune system functioning, reducing stress, boosting creative thinking, and providing an overall feeling of improved well-being.

So let’s get together and wrap ourselves in nature! If we listen, nature has so much wisdom to teach us about how to slow down, unwind, and live a more fulfilling, balanced life. In this two-hour workshop, we’ll combine a bit of education, mindfulness, natural movement, and forest bathing techniques to cultivate some tranquility in our normal routine. Let’s meander, saunter, sit, lay, and frolic around in nature as we soak in her inherent wisdom about how to live life with more peace, balance, and joy.

Be sure to bring some water and snacks if you think you might need them! This will be a very gentle hike, so no experience is required. For the most part, you’ll be able to choose your level of activity. This will be more of an experience of being in nature rather than doing.
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