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Night Hike on Mossy Ridge

7311 Highway 100 | Nashville, TN 37221
Thu, Jan 18  6:30 pm
A great hike for beginners on a moderate trail that gives a chance to try out gear and gumption while covering ~5.5 miles (~2000' of rise/fall) of reasonably groomed trails lined with some wildlife and plush woods. If you're interested, sign up & let's meet up for a lap of Percy Warner's Mossy Ridge and chase the sun out of the park.

Plan on meeting Thursdays at 6:30pm and heading to the trail no later than 6:45pm. Rain or shine?: Hike takes place year-round in all conditions except for high risk (windy & thunderstorms) weather - the trail does have a lot of widow makers lurking on it. How long does it last?: Hike lasts around two hours (a little less on cooler nights, a bit longer on hotter nights).

Where do we meet?: We will start from the "Cross Country" parking lot off of Highway 100 (just east of the junction at Old Hickory, picture of the parking lot below) by the Bob Brown Field House and take the Candy Cane Connector to the Mossy Ridge trail. Depending on the group's preference, we may proceed clockwise or counter-clockwise (some feel counter-clockwise is easier) for a little variety on the Mossy Ridge trail. Should a cross country meet be in play at the park, plan on meeting back by the Bob Brown Field house (vs. the parking lot) to make it easier to find the group & start on time.

On nights when the hike finishes at a reasonable time, we will often head to the Brewhouse 100 or Sportsman's for a little camaraderie & grub before heading home. What do you need?: Light(s) required to finish the hike out and ensure your safety. Recommend carrying water as the summer nights are still quite warm well into the night. If rain was/is in the forecast, gaiters are handy to keep mud & muck out of your boots or shoes. A light weight shell is also handy to carry if weather looks iffy.
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