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Phoebe Hunt & the Gatherers with Dori Freeman

1604 8th Avenue South Basement | Nashville, TN 37203
Sun, Aug 13  8:00 pm
Phoebe Hunt & the Gatherers:
An accomplished Americana instrumentalist with foundations in jazz and swing music, Phoebe makes an impressive creative leap with this record. It’s the culmination of a five year journey that has taken her from her Austin roots through Music Row, Brooklyn, and even to India to study with seventh-generation master violinist Kala Ramnath.  Along the way, Phoebe found her voice and delivered her most inspired set of songs to date -- the soundtrack to her self-discovery.  

Dori Freeman:
Dori Freeman is a musician native to Southwestern Virginia. Now 24, she has been singing ever since she can remember, and took up guitar at fifteen. Her music is inspired by all veins of Americana - notably old Country and Blues. Dori draws heavily from her Traditional roots - juxtaposing her voice with modern, honest songwriting
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