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RPG Maker Workshop

5501 Edmondson Pike | Nashville, TN 37211
Sun, Jan 14  2:30 pm
Come learn the basics of making your own role playing game using the RPG Maker video game engine in this free and public workshop!

What you will need to bring:
A laptop computer with a version of RPG Maker installed.* (more on this below)
A mouse for your laptop.
A throw away idea for a game (or you can make this up on the spot).

Goal of the workshop:
To create a simple game using the default assets in RPG Maker that has an overworld map, one town, one dungeon and ends with a boss fight.

The presentation will be aimed at absolute beginners. But anyone with experience using RPG Maker is encouraged to attend to make your own game, work on a game in progress, and help out with the workshop. The hope is that this workshop will give attendees skills to be more successful making games using RPG Maker in the Global Game Jam taking place January 26-28.
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