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Sara Beth Go w/ Carmonas & Brooks Hubbard

626 A. Main Street | Nashville, TN 37206
Mon, Aug 14  8:00 pm
Sara Beth Go:
Sara Beth Go has been working for 10 years as her music career becomes a main focus of her life in Nashville. 

She’s traveled from East to West Coast performing her songs at a variety shows for every demographic and collecting unique fans as many as the boys she's fallen in and out of love with. 

The Carmonas take their roots-bound sound to fresh melodic and lyrical regions with cut-above song crafting, strong vocal choruses and ear-grabbing harmonies. The natural blend of the voices of primary members and siblings Chad, Alison, and Aaron Carmona is what really draws attention to the talent apparent in this Americana group. The band blends a wide range of musical styles into a cohesive, original sound. With fiddle, guitar, mandolin, banjo, and upright bass, one would expect a traditional bluegrass sound, but what you hear is something much more complex.

Brooks Hubbard:
Hello! My name is Brooks and I write songs. When I'm not playing my guitar and singing, I'm working on being a better person for my family, my friends, and myself. I stay positive and give thanks to the many things in life I am grateful for. I give lots of high fives and hugs because I know our time on this planet is short, so we might as well live it up and laugh until we cry. My music stems from this positive energy I constantly have flowing through my body, and just like a recipe, I blend in many influences to create my own sound. - Brooks Hubbard
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