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Second Saturday at the Planetarium

800 Fort Negley Boulevard | Nashville, TN 37203
Sat, Aug 12  6:30 pm
Visiting the Sudekum Planetarium is always a great way to experience the universe, but we've got more special programming up our sleeves! For special experiences not available daily, Second Saturday is your best chance to see:

- Live Shows to immerse you in the night sky
- Fulldome Features (unique shows each month, highlighting the greatest new and international works designed for the dome)
- Laser Shows to envelop you with high-energy visuals and powerful surround sound audio.


6:30 pm

Skies Over Nashville | Live Show 

Special after-hours edition of our best-selling show: Explore the wonders observable from your own back yard! Stars, constellations, planets, and deep space objects are waiting to amaze you; learn how to find them for yourself in this live show!

7:30 pm

Planet Nine | Fulldome Feature

Is there a new Planet Nine beyond distant dwarf worlds like Eris, Haumea, and Sedna? See beautiful views of our solar system’s history, learn why we believe there’s something out there, and join “Pluto-killer” Mike Brown on night one of the hunt!

8:30 pm

SummerLaze | LASER SHOW

Escape the heat and settle into the Summer Laze. It’s always a Beautiful Day to have Fun Fun Fun while Living La Vida Loca with an incredible laser show under the dome!

9:30 pm

ElectroPop | LASER SHOW 

Get ready to start the Applause! As soon as this laser show starts, you’ll be Happy grooving the night away to the hottest pop tunes from this decade. But mind your manners, please... no #SELFIEs during the show!

10:30 pm

ElectroLaze EDM | LASER SHOW 

Are you always waiting for “the drop” to hit? Catch up on the EDM craze by settling into the ELECTROLAZE with Skrillex, Deadmau5, Avicii, MSTRKRFT and more.

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