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Vibrant Guitar Painting Class

330 Harrison St | Nashville, TN 37219
Thu, Jan 18  6:30 pm
Paint with wine or your favorite beverage in our modern downtown Nashville studio!

We're in the heart of country music here in Nashville and painting this fun guitar is a great way to celebrate our musical heritage!

This bright, lively guitar will be fun to paint and will look great in your home, reminding you of the joy of music and the fun you had learning the techniques to create your own work of art.  Our instructor will guide you through the brush techniques, color mixing and painting techniques while you chill with some background music in our nicely appointed studio with some new friends or old ones. And as always at Dabble Studio, WE STENCIL THE MAIN LINES OF THE DESIGN ON THE CANVAS FOR YOU BEFORE CLASS!

We supply all of the materials you need - 16 x 20 canvas, paint, brushes, and an apron, together with wine and bottle openers, wine glasses, ice buckets and ice.  
Fellow Wannadoers
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