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What's a Raspberry Pi and What on Earth Do I Do With It?

947 Woodland Street | Nashville, TN 37206
Tue, Mar 13  6:30 pm
With Maverick Edwards
Ages 13-Adult

So you’ve heard about this mysterious computer on a card thing called a Raspberry Pi but you don’t know where to start? Then this class is for you. We’ll start with a brand new Raspberry Pi 3 straight out of the shrink wrap and get you to a working computer that you do a few useful things with.

Students will learn how to download and install Rasbian on their Pi.

Students will learn the basics of Linux, and how to do some basic things with their Pi.
Connect to wi-fi and browse the web.
Log into their Pi remotely
Create other users
Connect other devices like bluetooth keyboards, mice, and headphones.

Students should bring:
Raspberry PI 3 kit (Amazon Link) (IF they aren't purchasing the kit through Make Nashville)
Monitor with a HDMI input
Bluetooth devices: keyboard, mouse, headphones (optional).
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