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Whiskey Autumn with Morgan Bosman, Summer Palace and Robyn Harris

2412 Gallatin Road | Nashville, TN 37115
Mon, Apr 16  8:00 pm
Whiskey Autumn:
Whiskey Autumn is an indie pop rock band from Denver, CO. Their new EP 'Ice Cream In The Sun' dropped on April 14, 2017, and showcases Whiskey Autumn expanding upon the ‘60s pop stylings of their previous work with synths, hip-hop beats, and electronic elements in what is their most confident release yet.

Morgan Bosman:
Morgan is a soul-music artist and songwriter originally from St. Louis, Missouri. Her sound has a deep, soulful style with gospel, jazz, and R&B influences that'll get you grooving like none other. She is the 2014 winner of Nashville's Hard Rock Rising's Battle of the Bands. Morgan’s song “Notice Me” has also been featured on American Songwriter Magazine’s website when she was presented as the Daily Discovery artist interviewed by SongSpace. Recently, Morgan was one of four performers in Belmont University's Urban/Pop Showcase (2014).

 Summer Palace:
When it comes to making music that simultaneously makes you want to cry of happiness and sorrow, Noah Gurley should be among the first to come to mind. He mixes the spirituality of seeking the unknown Creator with day-to-day events – the mundane with the transcendental, love with love lost. He makes music under the moniker of Summer Palace, which means many things to those that hear the name such as literal location in Beijing, but can generally be boiled down to the “ideal place” both mentally and physically. He sings of oneness, love, and the human condition. 

He draws from John Lennon as one of his biggest influences as well as others. Around the 8th grade, he first started listening to the Beatles. He had been playing cello for the school orchestra but quickly picked up the guitar after the discovery. Throughout high school, one could always find him playing music with his friends at the local ice-cream shop under the band name The Collies. His personal adventure through music history landed him with influences such as Buddy Holly, Harry Nilsson, to current acts such as ScHoolboy Q and Panda Bear. Mixing all these elements into one gives one Summer Palace: cello, hip-hop influences, lyrics about love, psychedelia, and lastly symmetry. 

Robyn Harris:
Robyn Harris is an up and coming Indie Pop artist. Born and raised in Denton, Texas, she made the move to Nashville, Tennessee in 2012. Robyn brings a quirky and unique musical perspective to the Indie Pop genre. She was one of four artists chosen to be a part of the prestigious 2015 Belmont University Commercial Showcase. As a young girl she learned to play piano, and in 2012 she met her soulmate, the Ukulele, which has inspired such songs as "Ghost" and "Doctor."
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